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Introduction to the Dynamic Movement Orthosis (DMO)

Dynamic Movement Orthoses (DMO) are custom fabricated from dynamic elastomeric fabric to provide a proprioceptive and biomechanical effect that helps guide and control patient movements.

Boston Brace RC Orthosis

The Boston Brace RC is an asymmetrical, anterior opening, custom fabricated scoliosis orthosis. This orthosis is custom fabricated from a 3-D scan of the patient brace and incorporates the Rigo-Cheneau classification and  brace design principles.

Introduction to the Boston Brace Baby Orthosis

The Boston Brace Baby is an innovative treatment for infantile idiopathic scoliosis (IIS). This unique non-operative treatment option integrates concepts from Mehta and Boston Brace 3D to address the challenges of IIS.

Introduction to the Boston Brace Night Shift

The Boston Brace Night Shift is a custom fabricated nocturnal orthosis for the non-operative management of scoliosis. It aims to achieve maximum curve correction by applying direct, opposing forces to straighten the scoliotic curves. For some curves, nighttime wear has shown to be as effective as full-time.

Introduction to the Boston Band

The Boston Band is an FDA approved orthosis developed in conjunction with specialists in cranio-facial (plastic surgery), pediatric neurology, and orthotic specialists as a simple and effective orthotic solution to address the clinical challenges of positional plagiocephaly and brachycephaly cranial deformities.

Boston Brace 3D ®

The Boston Brace 3D is the next innovation in the non-operative treatment of idiopathic scoliosis that leverages Boston O&P's expertise in 3-dimensional scoliosis and CAD/CAM. This enhanced brace design comes from the unique and selective shift/push/relief combination of corrective forces that are fabricated into each brace to address each unique patient.

Understanding the non-operative treatment of idiopathic scoliosis with the Original Boston Brace System

The Boston Brace was created in the 1970s by our founder, Bill Miller, and a number of top orthopedic specialists as a new way of treating scoliosis.

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